Even during the COVID19 Lockdown new and innovative Irish Whiskey brands are still being released to the market.


One of the most unusual and well received incarnations was the Currach Irish Single Malt.

To my knowledge at least, it’s the 1st Irish Whiskey to be finished in Atlantic Kombu Seaweed Casks!

That’s right. Seaweed!

Despite what many may think, seaweed has actually long been used as a food ingredient.

The brand makers at Origin Spirits teamed up with West Cork Distillers to create this unique single malt whiskey.

Currach charring

They carefully dried out the Atlantic Kombu Seaweed before placing it in used bourbon casks and proceeded to char the casks with this unusual ingredient.

The results are a lovely silky smooth whiskey with a touch of sea salt, rich umami flavours often giving meaty, BBQ type notes and a lovely peppery finish.

Origin Spirits create other innovative drinks with their Kalak Vodka


and Ornabrack Gin range.


Well worth a try.


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All bottle images courtesy Celtic Whiskey Shop here.

Other images courtesy Currach Whiskey twitter site here,  and facebook page here.