Tipperary Distillery (website here) is very much a family business grown out of a long association with the whisky industry combined with a strong farming tradition.

Father Stuart has managed many a Scottish whisky distillery.

Daughter Jennifer gained her appreciation of whisky growing up in distilleries!

Son-in-law Liam is a 5th generation barley grower.

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Together they launched  the Tipperary Boutique Whiskey selection a few years ago, as well as a subsequent selection of sourced cask finished single malts, while plans for their own distillery were being finalised.

The distillery was originally intended to be built on the family farm in Ballindoney, but a tie in with Dundrum House Hotel  (website here) near Cashel, now sees works being carried out to create Ireland’s first Whiskey Hotel.

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There is no indication of a completion date as yet, but Casks Away is eager to ferry the first visitors to this unique distillery when ready.


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All images courtesy Tipperary Distillery facebook page here and twitter site here.