What to call your new Irish Whiskey Distillery is a question facing many budding entrants into the market.

Some opt for the geographical connection, a town name,area or region as in Connacht , Nephin or Clonakilty distilleries.

Others choose a family link as in Pearse Lyons or Teeling distilleries.

Then there is the rich historical vein of tapping into Ireland’s bountiful distilling past such as Roe & Co.

Matt 12

Or in this instance, Matt D’Arcy & Co.

Matt D’Arcy & Co were a whiskey company that traded in Newry many moons ago.

A new group of entrepreneurs have revived the name.


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Building works are ongoing in Newry and whilst they wait for their own whiskey to mature a pair of sourced Matt D’Arcy Whiskeys have been released.

Matt DArcy Whiskey

Casks Away welcomes these new whiskeys and looks forward to escorting guests to the doors of this fabulous distillery when built.


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All photos courtesy Matt D’Arcy & Co facebook page here.