Chapel Gate aren’t a distillery.

They are whiskey bonders.

Chapel Gate have revived the lost art of whiskey bonding to a family farm in County Clare.

Whiskey bonding used to be common practice in Irish Whiskey’s hey day.

The bonder would buy whiskey from the distillery, (or distilleries), barrel it in casks of their own choosing, mature it, blend it, mix it and bottle it to their own requirements under their own labels for sale.

JJ Corry was an active bonder in the Clare town of Kilrush which nearby Chapel Gate have revived for their modern operations.

Spearheaded by founder Loiuse McGuane, Chapel Gate have released award winning blend The Gael,

JJ duo
JJ Corry Flintlock & Gael Whiskey

As well as top in it’s class single malt The Flintlock.

A new blending room and visitors centre are due to open soon.

Casks Away are eager to whisk you away on an adventure to West Clare to explore the lost art of whiskey bonding.

casks away signature thin

All images courtesy Chapel Gate Whiskey website here.