When someone mentioned Block Chain to me I just thought it was another computer game the kids had got into.


From what I understand (which isn’t a lot in this instance) Block Chain is a method of digitally tracking each and every ingredient, every method and every action used in creating whiskey. Blackwater Whisky to be precise.

The whisky created at the newly opened Blackwater Distillery in Ballyduff County Waterford will be the first (to my knowledge anyway) in Ireland to use this method.

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Filling the barrels!

We’ll have to wait until at least 2021 to taste the results as their first new make spirit only entered the barrels for maturation in December 2018.

What I do understand however is the wonderfully tasting & elegant sourced whisky (Blackwater don’t use the ‘e’) they released prior to their own quietly ageing.

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Retronaut Whisky

It’s called Retronaut.

And if the team down at Blackwater can produce anything close to this fabulous whisky, Block Chain or not, I’d be an extremely happy imbiber!


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Images courtesy of Blackwater Distillery Blog here & Google here.